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The Power of Repetition

When people are afraid to speak the truth, the world suffers. We have examples of this throughout history, some so familiar that they are in danger of becoming canonical. We’ve all read about the horrors of Nazi Germany, the mass killings in Mao’s China, and the list goes on. But hindsight is always 20-20 and the present moment blurs an eye towards critical observation. Mix that with a generation hellbent on being unobtrusive and liked, along with a pinch of vitriol towards different ideas, and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. But don’t worry! In lieu of not being able to say what we really think, the monster of liberal media (but I repeat myself) has kindly laid out exactly what we should be upset about. Spoiler: Truly evil things don’t make their list.

They tell us that we should be upset about any form of racial profiling, particularly if it deals with people-of-color or Muslims. We should ignore the fact that, though blacks constitute about 12% of the population they are responsible for almost 50% of the crimes. Likewise, we should not be upset by the fact that a significant percentage of the Islamic world wants the only Jewish state on earth destroyed. It is our duty to minimize horrendous violence in the Middle East, doubt every move Israel makes and consider using the Koran as an historical text in schools. The Bible doesn’t get the same treatment, though. Because separation of church and state. Or something like that.

They tell us that we should be apoplectic about catcalls or anything close to noticing a woman’s appearance, because that demeans women and is an artifact of a misogynistic time when men ruled the world. On the other hand, we should not be upset by or bat an eye at the steady dehumanization of those who are less viable than the rest of us, such as the unborn, the mentally ill and the aged. As women, we should vote according only to reproductive rights and nothing else, because (unlike men) a woman’s brain is located in her uterus and her life revolves around consequence-free sex. Also, we should not display a modicum of concern that Planned Parenthood gives dangerous advice to underage girls about sadomasochistic sexual practices, while uncritically supporting humans like Lena Dunham. Because feminism.

They tell us to shake our pitchforks at income inequality and bring that (expletive) 1% to task, but please could you turn a blind eye to the lifestyles of those they support on Capitol Hill, the most famous of which sits in the White House and uses Airforce One to shimmy from golf course to golf course, blowing taxpayers’ money on extravagance. You can be liberal and rich, but not conservative and rich. It’s the biggest political hail-Mary-pass in recent history. Because…because.

When such flagrant inconsistencies abound, what’s a thinking person to do? I’ve only found one remedy that consistently works: Don’t compromise. Tell the truth, every time. Call evil out when you see it; call a spade a spade and cut them lose if they continue spouting talking points. It’s tempting to make whoever you’re arguing with feel comfortable and convince them that you’re listening, but appeasing some people is like cuddling a viper—they will strike fast, hard and personally when you least expect it, upending all rules of reasonable debate and leaving you in a topspin. To give you a glaring picture of what’s going on, conservatives are still advancing to the battle field in lines, while our counterparts are guerillas hiding in the trees, picking us off one by one. The absurdity and weakness of such old fashioned warfare was the primary take-away of the French & Indian war, and has cost conservatives a seat at the table on most hot topics. Being nice is not the answer—it’s part of the problem.

So take them to task. Don’t necessarily try to prove every single point or talk about things you don’t know, but speak the truth whenever you can, whether it’s on social media or in person. It may seem like you’re getting nowhere and you may feel like a crazy person, but don’t underestimate the power of repetition. Socialists, liberals and radicals have gotten this far with their lies, simply by saying them over and over. I think it’s high time we took a cue and did the same thing with the truth.

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