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Students Choose a President Based on Gender?

Students on the University of Washington’s campus were asked why they support Hillary Clinton for president. The answers are funny because well – they all give the same answer. But more than that…the answers are frightening. As a woman I can tell you we never want to be degraded down to our sex. We never want to be chosen just because we are female. Instead, the women I know what to be chosen because they are smart, talented, hard working, accomplished and have a proven track record.

This video begs the follow-up question – “why”? These students need to dig deeper – beyond Hillary Clinton’s sex – what makes her qualified? What accomplishments do they most admire? What leadership qualities would she bring to the white house?

But the moment anyone choses Hillary for her sex “the first female president” they have contradicted everything their feminist movement stands for because they have resorted back to judging someone simply by the gender they were born with.

Thoughts: Will our generation think – I mean truly think for themselves this election and ask the questions beyond the soundbites such as “first women president”? I sure hope we do.

Check Out this Video:

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