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Is Minimum Wage Increasing in Your State?

Check out these new minimum wages, effective January 1, 2016.

Um, $10 per hour is now minimum wage in California? Five years ago, it was $8. Nursing graduates from private universities in California are being offered rates as low as $14 / hour. So what are we doing? Elevating the lower class to even out the odds? Why go into debt for a college degree and even grad school when the government is upping minimum wage to make it not even worth going the extra effort? What the government is doing is reducing our need for higher education.

Did you know that being a valet at certain resorts in California results in salaries (from tips) of $50,000 and upwards? This is the equivalent to what a graduated accountant would at least make her first year. And did you further know that firefighters in Los Angeles can make—with overtime—over $300,000?

We don’t need to pursue the American dream anymore. It only results in a nightmare. Small family businesses who do not hire one non-family member are losing their insurance plans. Successfully retired lawyers are unable to afford luxurious senior care facilities while secretaries who worked for the state for just 5 years can retire in comfort “till death do us part.” And that’s not in reference to marriage. It’s in reference to the state.

Moral of the story: Work for the government. Now at least. Who knows what will happen when our expenses finally catch up with us.

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