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Today I’m Apathetic.

Today I’m apathetic. I’ve always been the one to speak to those who were apathetic – millennials who were uninvolved, didn’t care or didn’t think their vote or opinion made a difference. Older generations scoff at millennials. They Question our attentiveness and wisdom. I’ve always said we don’t like politics because we’re tired of the bickering and the division. But I’ve always encouraged millennials to get involved and help affect change.

But I think I was wrong.

You see since 2008 I’ve been involved (If you’re over the age of 20 and reading this don’t laugh; that’s a long time for me). In 2008 I went door to door, educated myself on principles and encouraged my friends to vote. Heck I even helped them vote. In 2012 I woke up early in the mornings before I went to work and before my classes started to make cold calls to college student body presidents and we organized over 20 get out the vote campaigns on college campuses in the swing states. By 2014 im2moro had spoken to over a hundred thousand people. By 2015 I was helping Glenn beck with millennial political outreach…

And in all this – this is what I have learned: Millennials are right. We aren’t dumb. We aren’t ignorant. We aren’t idiots. It’s not even that we don’t like the fighting. The reason we have stayed out of it is because We see through it. We see the BS unlike any other generation. We know it results in nothing.

So tonight when my boyfriend asked if I wrote a blog – I rolled my eyes. Because today I’m apathetic.

People do things because of power or money. Every time. I’ve seen it in the schools I’ve attended, in churches and every single place I’ve worked. Ok I can hear people now saying – “well that’s what makes the world go round.” To you I say – shut up.

Because for the first time in history we have a generation that doesn’t believe it has to be that way.

Millennials are apathetic because we are principled. Millennials are apathetic because we long for leadership. Millennials are apathetic because we want truth.

We know every candidate in the field today has been bought. Yes, even Donald Trump. We know that they are all cutting backroom deals. They all try to screw the other candidates over and if they don’t, their managers do. The endorsers – they have all been promised something. And if not promised something they are hoping for something in return. Because that’s the unspoken rule of politics. They will campaign on principles but they will operate once in office on politics and the deals they stuck.

I used to think tv shows were dramatic. But they aren’t really. They just show what we all know to be happening but cannot see in person.

But someone reminded me – I don’t do this because I like it – I do it because it’s my responsibility. Because if I did it because I liked it – well honestly, I’m not sure it will make any difference because at the end of the day I’ve seen so much corruption so much “politics” I have a hard time believing anyone.

So let me be super clear I do this because I’m called. I do this because it’s the assignment I’ve been given by God. I do it because it’s biblical to stand for truth in the midst of evil.

But it doesn’t mean I don’t still have days of apathy. And today I’m apathetic. Please don’t hate on our generation for this. Just understand it’s because our generation is desperate for something different.

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