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Is This Republicans Hail Mary?

We are in the final stretch of the primary season with not just two Republican candidates still running but three.

Trump is almost in reach of the nomination with 845 delegates already won and a victory if he reaches 1,237. He has a significant lead over both Cruz (at 559) and Kasich (at 148).

Kasich of course has absolutely no chance of winning the nomination but he is clinging onto his delegates hoping it gives him political leverage at the convention. While Cruz’s hopes of stopping Trump from reaching 1,237 seem slim to none.

Trump – a political outsider – is now looking impossible to stop and much of the republican party and conservatives are getting desperate.

So in light of the bleak situation – Sunday night Cruz and Kasich announced a sort of alliance. Both campaigns released statements saying Cruz would focus his efforts on Indiana and Kasich would campaign in Oregon and New Mexico – both pulling out of the other’s state(s) in order to help win more delegates to block Trump.

So in a last ditch effort – as in the final seconds of a game – the Republicans have thrown up a Hail Mary and they are hoping someone catches it.

This strategy could easily backfire. But Cruz and Kasich are hoping it’s one of those rare and exciting plays – where the win goes their way.

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