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We’re Breaking Up

Dear Target,

We had a great friendship for many years. We were close friends. We would exchange gifts, me giving you money and you giving me clothing, and food.

I remember the times where I would go to target when I was bored to look at clothes, movies and tvs that I couldn’t buy.

I do remember the time when we got in a fight over Winter Solstice and Christmas… But, we worked through it. We had a great friendship. Yes, I said, “had”. I know I’m sorry but it’s not me it’s you.

You see you are now making decisions that go against my beliefs and to be honest go against all common sense.

It will be a rough road ahead but I will get through it. There will be times where we might be close but I will not see you.

There will be times where I might need some nice jeans, or a nice flannel shirt or haha even some awesome fun 90s T-shirts. But, I cannot go in. Because you have betrayed common sense.

With that being said… Thank you, thank you for the many years we had together. All the memories we had returning items that didn’t fit, or broke accidentally, or the times when we would argue over your prices on paper towels. Or the times when I wanted to buy an electronic from you all but your warranties were not good enough for me. We fought but we always found away through it because our friendship was strong.

Thank you for the good times,

Goodbye my old friend,

A former customer.

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