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Should Christians Worry About Politics?

"Don't worry about politics," they say, "the whole world is going down-hill and Jesus is coming back soon."

I grew up in a dispensational, premillenial, pretribulation-rapture church. Those arcane terms just mean (for our purposes here) that my church teaches this world is going down hill, and will continue until Jesus returns and makes everything new.

I am not writing this to start a debate on eschatology (the study of end times) or to even talk about which view I take. Instead, my purpose is to believers who are indifferent to social issues, who say "we are not of this world."

When Jesus came to this earth, he became involved in the lives of people. He showed his compassion my using his omnipotence, never for personal gain, but instead to help others through healing miracles. Through miracles, Jesus drew crowds, and then taught them. He spoke often about the most important subject: eternal life and eternal punishment.

Now it's time that we follow the example of Jesus. We don't have the gift of healing. However, we can still use the things that God has given us to show compassion to others. Once they see compassion, we have an open door to share the gospel with them.

Missionaries often use this tactic when entering under-developed countries. They come to these countries that are riddled with pestilence. Even though they don't have Jesus' healing ability, they do have Western medicine, highly advanced compared to the medicine of their host country. When the natives see that these strangers care, and have to tools to ease their suffering, they flock to the missionaries. This in turn gives the missionaries an open door to share the gospel.

So what does this mean for us as Christians in the developed world? Our neighbors already have access to the same advanced medicine that we do. But they have other problems. Other grievances. Most Americans are concerned with the way that our country is going. Both left and right agree that poverty is increasing in America. Poverty hampers access to basic health-care, among other plights.

So the question becomes, what policies should Christians promote to help those who are less than fortunate. It was the Christians during the 1800s, who fought against the evils of slavery, in the spirit of Christian compassion. It was the same with infanticide in the first few centuries of the church. So today we must ask, who are the unfortunate people that we need to seek to help them.

We need to seek the best policies to help those who need it. There may be some reading this who don't align with my political stances. That's fine. That's not what it important. Do the research. Seek knowledge (Pro 18:15). Cross examine, check out both sides of the issues (Pro 18:17). Remember, there is a way that looks right, but has bad consequences (Pro 14:12). That is my contention with my political opponents. We must seek out the answers in line with the truth.

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