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Courageous Community

"Life is to be entered upon with courage.” - Alexis de Tocqueville

Community. What is it?

It’s our neighborhood, family, church, and friends. The people we talk too. Community is people that shape our mind and heart.

Millennials are the first generation that have the ability to communicate with thousands of people on a daily basis. That means our community has the potential to become incredibly vast. And yet, based on the media, it could be said that Millennials are the most disconnected generation to ever be known.

I feel incredibly connected to my friends and family. I’m a builder; and I pray intentionally for God to show me how I can be a blessing in my community. I have the immense honor of being connected to many people who love me unconditionally, and allow me to love them back.

As I continue to experience the work force, I’ve found that many people my age and older struggle with relationships. They have been burned too many times in disagreements, unrealistic expectations, or just general selfishness. In turn they become hardened, and disinterested in the intricate art of relationship building. There is definitely a shortage in strong friendship and love in my current community.

This, while it breaks my heart, causes me to love more courageously. To be less selfish, and more intentional in my own circle. I believe that in order to be a good leader, we first have to be good followers of Christ. And that to me, at it’s core, means loving people courageously.

It’s a very good thing to know what one believes and be able to articulate it in the political arena. It is also just as important to know that if we are to be involved in politics, we do so as servants of Christ. And therein, we are involved so that we can love those we participate with, on either side of the aisle, courageously.

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