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What Can You Do to Change Your World

You are a millennial. You believe that Jesus is God incarnate. You have grown up going to church. You have grown up around politically active people, from the left or right or maybe from both sides. Like your fellow millennials, you want to change the world. We are a generation that is passionate about changing the world. We are joiners. We are people of great compassion, who want to help others. We believe in doing things that are bigger than us.

Maybe you are like I was: unsure of what to make of all these political issues. Do you know where you stand on different issues? Are you on the left or the right, and what's the difference? Are you involved? Do you vote in elections? Not just presidential elections, but also congressional, state, and local elections. Most importantly, do you know what the Bible says about these issues.

We want to help you do these things. We want you to be involved in your local political groups. We want you to vote in every election, so that you can make your voice heard. We want your opinions to be informed so that you can make good decisions when you vote. Finally, we want you to know want God says, so that your decisions can be ones that honor him. How can you do all this? Well there are a few steps.

1. Connect with us. Go ahead. Hit that like button, if you haven't already. Connect with us on any social media platforms you are on. Find us on Twitter and follow us. Follow us on Instagram and subscribe on YouTube.

2. Get informed. If you are unsure of any topic, there are political resources out there to bring you up to speed. I always recommend PragerUniversity ( to those who want to learn. Just find a video title that interests you and begin the binge-watching.

3. Listen to Other Viewpoints If you find yourself leaning to the right, seek out opinions from the left. If you find yourself leaning to the left, seek arguments from the right. If you change your mind, go seek arguments from your original side. Even if you don't change your mind, always be open to listening to the other side. Listening to other points of view is key in sharpening your own viewpoint.

Also, when you listen to someone else, and ask them questions in a calm manner, you build rapport. They realize that you actually care about what you believe. That makes them more willing to hear what you believe, and even to change their minds.

4. Finally, Read you Bible. If you only take fifteen minutes each day, you can read the Bible in a year. You download the free app at to use the Bible in a year plan. If that's too much for you, just start with the epistles in the New Testament. You want to get God's word into your heart and mind. When you get involved, when you vote, you want to make decisions that will please God. We cannot please him without faith (Hebrews 11:6) and faith comes from the word of God (Romans 10:17).

Don't let others dictate what you believe. Not me or anyone else. We should be will to learn from others (see point 3), but not follow others blindly. Read the Word for what it says, not for what others tell you it says. Build your opinions off of the Word. Go change the world, based off of what God has convicted you to do.

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