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1. I believe to whom much is given...

I had nothing to do with the fact that I live in this incredible free country where I choose where to live, what to study and what to do with my life. It's all possible because of a simple but profound idea, "we the people" which is my privilege to vote. Surely I can do more for my country, but I can do no less than vote.

2. No vote - no complaints.

If I don't care enough to take my opinions and my values to the voting booth to do what I can to bring about change, then my voice and my opinion lose credibility. I shouldn't complain if I'm not willing to exercise my privilege and responsibility to do something about it.

3. I care about the entrepreneur building her dreams.

For many, the American dream is the entrepreneurial dream, the opportunity to build something, create jobs, do good. I believe in free enterprise and the sense of personal liberty and freedom that comes along with being able to start a business or launch a non-profit organization. So if I believe in it, it’s my role to vote to protect it.

4. I care about the hope for our future from a biblical worldview.

I know that our form of government started from a framework of Christian values and principles. And that the whole system depends on it. And that the only way our system continues to provide freedom and liberty for all is if these principles stay relevant. So it's our job as Christians to keep them relevant through our voices - our votes.

5. The lesser of 2 evils is always the only choice.

Some say, "Don't vote for the lesser of 2 evils. If there's not a good enough candidate, then don't vote." I say, if I wait for the perfect candidate, the one who believes exactly like I do and who never does stupid things, I'll never vote. The lesser of 2 evils is always the only choice we have.

6. I care about my friend who is still looking for a job.

Our economy has grown at a slower rate the past few years than in anytime since the great depression. Incomes are stagnant and good paying jobs are hard to find for our generation. I'm voting for policies that encourage economic growth to help friends find jobs.

7. I care about the rights granted by God and the freedoms protected by government.

If I don't vote, I disrespect the people who sacrificed enormously to give me that right. From those who fought on battlefields in our revolution for freedom, to those who fought to give women and blacks the right to vote. If nothing else, I owe it to them to vote.

8. I care about the poor - hungry for a better life

We often think only of those truly poor in our country, the homeless, the hungry. And we absolutely must care for them. But there are others, not just the physically poor, but children without parents, students trying to pay for a college education, graduates paying student loans. My vote shows I care about the poor - hungry for a better life.

Take a moment to make sure you are ready for Election Day. We will help you register to vote, send voting reminders texted to your phone and even text you sample ballots so you know exactly what to expect.

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