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One Person Can Make A Difference

How many times have you heard the voting excuse, “ah…one vote won’t make a difference!”

Well, in Virginia it certainly did!

Get this.

A House Seat in the Virginia State Legislature was a perfect tie. That’s right. One more vote cast for either the Republican candidate, Del. David Yancey, or Democratic candidate, Shelly Simonds, would have decided the election.

Initially, it looked like Republican candidate Yancey had won by 10 votes, however, after a recount Simonds was ahead by one single vote. Then after a careful court examination it was determined one ballot was incorrectly counted and should have gone in Yancey’s favor.

Now – the race is a dead tie.

Not only is the house seat in Virginia’s 94th district a tie – but also the majority in the Virginia state house is undetermined.

If the Republican candidate wins the seat they will have a majority in the House 51-49. If the Democrat candidate wins then the House will be split 50-50.

So how will the race from the 94th district of Virginia and the majority in the Virginia State House be decided?!

The State Board of Education plans to pick the winner’s name in a drawing out of a glass bowl. A GLASS BOWL.

The drawing has been postponed due to understandable legal challenges – but ultimately it’s looking grim for any other solution.

Over 2,000 local elections took place in November of 2017 and unfortunately many forgot or neglected their responsibility to vote.

One vote would have saved everyone from a huge headache in Virginia – but more importantly – one vote would have determined the ideologies representing District 94 and the Virginia House Majority.

Remember, we don’t vote because we love politics. We don’t vote because we love Democrats or Republicans. Heck no. We vote because we care about so many other things.

  • We care about the economy and those still looking for a job

  • We care about our state education from the wealthy districts to the poorest districts

  • We care about equality of choice and opportunity regardless of the neighborhood someone lives in

  • We care about human rights and protecting the dignity of life from it’s beginning to it’s end

  • We care about liberty and the freedom to exercise the right of conscious and one’s faith

  • We care about the only proven truth that have stood the test of time – to uplift what is good and benefit humanity – proven Biblical principles serving as our road map in God’s word

We vote because we care.

How sad that in Virginia if just a few more had voted so much could have been decided.

Together let’s stay involved and informed and lead a movement of rebellion against the wave civic apathy that seems to have taken a hold of our communities.

Together, ONE vote at a time - we can make a difference.

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