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If this were Princess Kate’s baby boy….

There couldn’t be a starker double standard on display in England today.

Have you seen the pictures of the beautiful Princess Kate Middleton stepping out with Prince William by her side and her newborn baby boy in her arms?

While England and the world (especially America) are basking in the awe of a new royal baby (mostly Kate’s perfect hair and makeup) – there is another set of parents outside a UK Hospital.

This mother isn’t dolled up with perfect hair and makeup. She is in distress.

This mother holds the same name as the Royal Princess of Britain, but her name carries no prestige as Kate’s does.

In fact, Kate James doesn’t have the same rights in Britain as Princess Kate Middleton and her husband Tom James doesn’t have the most basic rights that Prince William enjoys.

No, Kate and Tom James are commoners – who gave birth to a baby that would have to fight for his life as only a toddler. And because of the government of Britain they would have to fight for their baby boy Alfie to even have the ability to fight for his life.

Here’s what’s happened.

Alfie was diagnosed with neurodegeneration disease associated with severe epilepsy in 2016 and has remained in the Alder Hey Hospital during that time in the critical care unit on artificial ventilation.

The hospital took Alfie’s case to the Family Division of the UK High Court who ruled that active treatment was not in Alfie’s “best interests.” The appeals court also ruled that Kate and Tom have no parental rights to provide medical treatment for their child.

They are legally prohibited from taking their own child out of the country to a hospital in Rome where he has been offered care. Italy actually offered Alfie citizenship but Britain refuses to release the toddler to his parents.

On Monday night against all of Kate and Tom’s pleas – ventilation support was withdrawn and Alfie’s death will come soon.

The hospital said Alfie would not be able to breath on his own – but he has proved them wrong and has been breathing on his own now for well over 24 hours yet has been denied any food by the hospital.

Another appeals hearing was held on Wednesday with a representative of the Italian Embassy attending and an ambulance waiting outside of the hospital ready to take Alfie to Italy but again no permission has been granted.

Imagine the devastation watching your child die because the government believes his life is not worth fighting for.

My Message to Britain.

Britain, this is evil. You believe that you can play the role of God – but you are foolish.

"The LORD brings death and makes alive; he brings down to the grave and raises up.”

1 Samuel 2:6

My Message to America

America, this is what happens when government grows and when the rights of the people are taken away under the false promise that government will meet their needs instead.

Government thinks it knows better than parents – again in direct opposition to scripture (Psalm 127:3-4).

And if this happens in America it will be because the American people gave her the power to decide. What a terrifying path.

Let Alfie be a warning to America that socialized medicine results in loss of freedom. We are witnessing the death panels that socialized medicine creates.

It’s a system that believes not everyone can live. And you, your family, parents, or spouse do not have the freedom to choose to rest in God’s sovereignty to decide the length of your life. It’s a system where the courts decide.

And to the Americans who glorify the Royals – as if it’s some wonderful beautiful fantasy of a system – think twice please.

I won’t ever be able to look at Princess Kate and her new baby boy without remembering the face of Alfie.

Don’t glorify a political system that destroys human life or an elevated class that stands by in silence.

I can’t help but think of these two mothers – both Kates – facing radically different journeys.

It makes one wonder, does Princess Kate feel this mothers pain?

Pray that she would, that her heart would sympathize with a mother who is literally prohibited from providing medical treatment to her son.

And Pray for Kate James as she stays by her son Alfie’s bedside and lives through her nightmare becoming a reality.

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